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  Choosing The Right Partner
When it the question of choosing your life partner, you should make the proper decision. Whether or not your partner is right for you is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions of your life, since your entire future depends on this. Sometimes you are just confused as to whether you really love the person you are dating or it is mere attraction and it is difficult to make a decision. You don't know how can you be sure you have the picked the right one?

Well, the first thing you need to do is honestly ask yourself why you love or are with your partner? You must understand your heart and what it says. Does your heart beat for your partner? Do you feel totally devastated when he is not around? You should know the difference between love and infatuation. When it is spending your whole life with a person do not go in for a blind love. Don't build a relationship upon fear, insecurity and pity. It will never last and will only give unhappiness and sorrow. Remember that if there are too many ifs, ands or buts in a relationship then sooner or later the relationship is bound to fail.

So the question still remains, how do you choose the right partner? Well following are a few tips that will definitely help you understand love and help you make the important decision as to choosing the right partner.

Common Interests
For a compatible relationship the couple should have common interests. You have to have something in common with your partner in order to be able to be with him and do things together. Physically you might have great relations, but does that really matter? When two people have different interests, one person usually ends up sacrificing their desires for the other person in order to live a happy life, or else or you end up living completely separate lives. Therefore to avoid any future complications and creating ego problems it is better to always analyze your interests and desire and see whether they match.

It is also necessary to preserve your individuality and make it clear that you too have a life and ambition. Though women are supposed to stay at home and take care of kids and home but if you are an ambitious kind of a person then always find out whether your partner and in-laws are comfortable with it. Are they willing to let you have that career you have always wanted.

The next thing that you have to look out for is whether your partner and your intellect match. It is very difficult to communicate with a dull or insensitive person. Ask these questions to yourself. When you talk to him, is he on the same level as you? How long does it take him to answer your question? Do you get bored because he answers everything else under the sun rather than the question you asked him? Does he understand you when you speak? Can you really talk to him about absolutely anything? This may sound crazy but imagine living your entire life with someone who doesn't understand you and who frustrates you to no end by his speed of communication and just doesn't get it when you are trying to explain something to him?

If you are a person who goes by principles and strictly follows them and your partner has no principles then there is bound to be problems in your relationship. You have to straighten it out before plunging into marriage.



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