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Cyberdating What is jealousy?

Cyberdating is a boon for those who are too shy to strike up a conversation face-to-face with a stranger or for those who can't easily get out due to physical limitations, illnesses, or other conditions. It is definitely a cheaper and more convenient alternative to meeting people. It does not look at caste, creed, colour of the skin, beauty or appearance. Cyberdating is fun, exciting, adventurous and it takes less time to find people to "chat" with, and it provides instant gratification. Cyberdating is a wonderful arena for building your confidence to date in person. By hiding behind the anonymity of words, you can be freer to express who you really are as a person. Without the burden of having to physically interact, you can gain skills that help you over the next hurdle: the actual face-to-face meeting. The thousands of people chatting online give you a wide selection with whom to test your moves. And if you are unhappy with one interaction, there are thousands more to peruse.

Can You find Love on the Web?
Disadvantages of cyberdating
Advantages of cyberdating

Can you find Love on the Web?
This is the most important question asked as to whether real love exists on the web. Of course, the whole point of flirting online is to eventually find a match, meet him/her, and hopefully begin what could be a very promising relationship. However, what if you finally meet your love interest and that person doesn't live up to your expectations? Questions such as these do crop up but you have to take this risk. Obviously, you have to face the dears about doing this. The possibility of finding true love on the Internet is certainly there but it all depends on your luck. And don't you think true love is really a matter of luck. But on the net you don't really have to lose anything. There are no promises, no guarantee, of course. But, the more exposure you get to different people, the more circles you form and the greater your likelihood of meeting someone that interests you.

There have been many successful web matches. Arvind met Beena on the net. At first they started with just flirting with one another. Arvind was working at London when he started chating with Beena at Bombay. They started to know about one another, for 6 months they chatted and slowing both of them fell in love. Arvind proposed to Beena before coming to India without even seeing her and Beena accepted. Very soon he came to India and married her. Things like this do happen while sometimes it doesn't work. But you never know you might find the love you were looking for and there will definitely be a happy ending. It is always possible that the person you go to meet with whom you have been chatting for months might not be like you expected physically…he/she might be fat, short, have less hair, but the question is whether physical appearance is most important to you or the fact that he/she understands you better, knows you, you like spending time with him/her. And even if you think that it won't work you can always be good chat friends.

A unique feature of cyberdating is that you have total control. After all, you do not have to respond to anyone. You are the ultimate judge of what, where, and with whom you connect.

Disadvantages of cyberdating
Following are a few disadvantages of cyberdating:

1. Do not believe in everything you read. While chatting online people normally tell lies because here you can be anyone you want to. Therefore you must be extremely wary of liars and con artists. If you're really interested in someone you meet on the Web, take the next step and meet over the phone, see a photo, and so forth.

2. You will also have to face some sex crazy, nasty people who are interested in only dirty talk. Learn to tackle them.

3. Before taking the plunge into any kind of relationship think twice. Do not jump into it. Remember you really don't have to lose anything online so take decisions properly and be frank as to your interests and expectations.

Advantages of cyberdating
Cyberdating is fun; it is a wonderful arena for building your confidence to date in person. It helps you to understand a person better and also makes you realize as to what you need and expect in a relationship. Following are the advantages of cyberdating:

1. You can start your chat sessions at any time. You can be in the middle of working on your computer and easily switch over to send a massage to someone. Others can also instantly contact you, so you don't have to wait for a phone call back.

2. It is cheaper than making phone calls, as your computer can connect you to people around the world for no more money than your internet charges and local phone call rate.

3. It is very easily accessible. Wherever there is a telephone line, you can be hooked up on your computer.

4. You can choose the time convenient to you.


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