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  Long Distance Relationships

To maintain a stable and healthy relationship is a difficult task in itself and on top of that if you have to deal with a long distance it can really be tough. However, many couples have had to be miles apart because of job, study or other reasons, and have been able to maintain a solid, happy, successful relationship until they could be together again. In order to cope up with the difficulties of staying away from your lover/husband, there are some key elements that are necessary to understand and incorporate, which have been explained below.

Good Communication

The first key to success with long distance relationships is effective communication. A good communication will keep your relationship alive and happy. It is important for both parties to keep in touch with one another and to keep writing and talking to one another. But communication should be from both the sides. Both the parties should be able to feel that if they need to talk or write to the other person, that act must be reciprocated and met with active communication from the other. The quality of the relationship is more likely to increase if both people develop the ability to share feelings openly with each other and be able to convey one another how much they miss and love one another.

The second key to success is trusting one another in long distance relationship. Each partner should be able to trust the other in such a way that one should not feel that the other person's social life in his or her own town will be a threat to the relationship. Trust is an important factor in every relationship but in long distance relationships you level of trust in your partner has to rise and you should never do anything to make the other feel sad and uncomfortable about the faith you have in the other person.

Respect for one another
A good relationship thrives on respect and admiration for one another. You should be able to respect each other's feeling, emotions and views. Never make the other person sad to prove your point for what you are doing is showing disrespect, which can really harm the relationship and make things bitter between the two of you. In long distance relationship bitterness can come in real quickly and can cause great deal of damage to the relationship.

Making quality time for one another
The last important factor in long distance relationship is to make quality time for one another. You should spend more time with one another during visits and do things that will make the both of you come close to each other. Live every moment that you get to spend in each others company for these are the moments that you have to cherish for the times that you will be away form one another. However remember to allow an "adjustment period" when visiting your long-distance love. You've both been accustomed to the single life and the habits that come with it, and it takes time to adjust to sharing space with another person. But nothing to worry for the excitement of having your love after such a long time will make things right for the both of you.

Things that you can do when you are depressed or when you are missing your love very much:

  • If you have friends go out with them to see a movie.
  • Go for a long walk or drive.
  • Exercise, jog, walk your dog.
  • Cry if that helps.
  • Buy a boxing sack and take out all your frustrations on it.
  • Scream aloud or sing a song.
  •  Go to see a comedy movie that will make you laugh or watch an   adventure movie to take your mind away from the pain.
  • Call your love and tell him/her how you feel or mail him.
  • Write a letter or poem and pour your heart out.


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