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  Love At First Sight________

Do you think love-at-first-sight happens only in movies and fairy tales? Skeptics will tell you that there is nothing called love at first sight and it doesn't exist. But the truth is love at first sight can happen to you anywhere, any place and at any time.

At first, you get attracted to the person and basically its physical attraction since this is what we first see of the person: it's his or her body that attracts or repulses us, whether we want it or not. However, this attraction can only move beyond sexual desire if admiration develops as we get to know the other. Finally, love survives the ravages of time and routine only if we maintain a degree of shared interests and activities. So after all even if you think that you have fallen in love with the person, your love will have to survive the test of time.

You know you've fallen for him when...
  • Your mind starts spinning out of control and you can't stop thinking about him. All that you do is want to be with him every moment of the day.

  • You tend to overlook your loved one's faults and weakness, secretly hoping that your love will be enough to fix them all.

  • You're happy when he's there; you're terribly depressed when he's gone.

  • Though you are not a very compromising person but being with him has changed you and you have become a more compromising and understanding person.

When you start dating the man of your dreams, it is quite natural that you will want to touch him, kiss him and be in his arms. Psychologists have noted the first instance of physical contact is initiated by the woman three times out of four, usually in the most subtle possible manner. A slight brush of the arm or the shoulder, for example, is usually enough to tell her man that it's his turn to take some physical initiative-and that his advances won't be turned down! His body movements will play a major part in expressing his pleasure at being in your company. You must have the ability to understand whether he likes your company or not and whether he is just as much interested in you as you are.

Following are a few experiences of our readers about Love-at-first-sight

  • I never used to believe in it but one day I was standing in a queue in the post office and that is when I saw him. He was filling in some form. At first I couldn't see his face but then he turned around and that was when our eyes met. I felt like my heart had stopped thumping and I kept on staring at him shamelessly. He looked away but I stood there like a statue. He turned again and smiled at me. That's when I came back to my senses and smiled back. I was absolutely shocked when I saw him coming towards me. He came up to me and asked me if I had a pen. He tells me now that he had to start a conversation so he asked for a pen. But the fact is love at first sight does exist and Ashish and I have experienced it.

  • I always knew that one day I will meet the man of my life and fall head over heals in love with him at first sight. And though it happened late but it did happen. I had gone to this wedding where I saw him. We were introduced through a common friend and the moment we saw each other we knew that we belonged together. We got married after 6 months and are very happy.

  • My love story really sounds like a fairy tale story. I fell in love with Sonia in the air when I was traveling to Madras. She was sitting alone looking absolutely stunning in a pink outfit in the first row. The moment I saw her I knew that I had to be with her. Luckily the seat next to her was not occupied so I asked the air hostess to shift me there and I am thankful that she did. When I went to sit next to her she smiled at me. I introduced myself and then we talked through the entire journey. She gave me her number and that's when I knew that I had her love. We are engaged now and will soon get married.


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