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Are you on a holiday? Do you want to have fun with your partner the whole day but don't know how to get going and what to do? Do you want to have a perfect date? Do you think that you need some excitement and heat in your otherwise dull love life? Well try out the following ideas to boost your love life and turn on the heat.

Get hooked on a hammock
Just lie together on a hammock and sip cold drinks or beer, whatever you prefer. The best thing about hanging out together in a hammock is that you are superclose and there is no space at all between the two of you. So string one up and enjoy beautiful breezy nights spent rocking to and fro or just lie in the arms of one another on a Sunday afternoon in the backyard or on the beach.

Sunscreen festival
Are you planning to spend some time on the beach or go to a picnic on the hills? Well wherever you go in the sun be sure to generously apply lots of sunscreen. And what you can do is: you and your guy take some time out spreading plenty of lotion on each other while you're still at home. Tell him not to forget all the places on your body that have never seen the sun; and if you get distracted and don't end up going outside that day, oh well, its ok.

Spot a shooting star
Take a leisurely drive somewhere far off or into the country, spread a blanket on the hood of your car, lie down together and watch the stars and whoever spots a shooting star first will get a full body massage back home.

Picture perfect
Go wild clicking each other snaps at crazy places. Go to a zoo and say cheese next to some wildlife. Frolic in flowery fields at a botanical garden or in foamy ocean waves. And don't forget to ask a nice stranger to snap a few shots of you sweethearts in the craziest poses.

Love feed

On one of the holidays when you have nothing else to do try feeding one another frozen grapes while lying on the sofa watching some nice romantic movie or feed frozen strawberry while making love.

Entice with ice

On a sultry day, turn off the A.C. and give each other tingly, tantalizing ice-cube caresses. Run a melting cube over the back of your man's neck and across his shoulders -- and all the way down to his toes if he can stand it. Then let him return the favour. What to do once the cube's gone? We'll leave that up to you.

Spell something sexy

Take a Scrabble board to a park, find a shady, out-of-the-way spot and turn up the heat by awarding extra points for spelling intimate and erotic words and phrases. Oh, and one more thing: The winner's prize must involve at least three of those terms.

Give him a shock
Next time when you are out on a picnic or you are lying together alone beside a lake whisper into his ears that you have not put on your panties. What follows next is for you to experience.

Pack a predawn picnic
Before the sun comes up, coax your man out of bed and take him to a private spot for a wonderfully serene breakfast picnic. Bo close to nature and enjoy your breakfast.


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