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LOVE DO'S AND DON'TS                                  

Never ever go to bed mad at your mate, sleep on the couch if you have to: the bedroom should be a safe, wonderful, and enjoyable place to go to.

Pick your fights, ask yourself if this is something that is going to matter in 5 years, if not let it go.

Do not speak when you are mad, wait until you calm down enough to talk, take a walk, a long bath, or whatever you do to calm down, and always, always, always stick to the subject, and do not ever attack their personal feelings, they have just as much right to them as you do to yours.

When you go out always put your partner first, a lady can open a door for a man just as easily especially if his hands are full.

Ask for their opinion on stuff, if they don't have one, do not badger one out, it will only start a fight over nothing.

Tell your partner often that you love them, I try for at least 10 times a day, even if they are right after another.

If you find that you are both getting in a rut and nothing seems to be as spontaneous as it once was, first talk then think of some action to take.

Surprise them often with different comments, once I told my husband that I didn't think that I loved him anymore, after a mil-a-second I said that I knew that I loved him and I didn't have to guess, that was a wonderful evening.

Always try to understand what they are saying. And if your partner likes a certain type of sport, try to learn what the sport is about and the names of the teams and you never know you might actually like it once you understand it.

Show your love in the way that you take care of yourself, your partner, your children, your home your job, you would be surprising how well that works.

This is the easiest one of all and I think more people should follow it, the world would truly be a better place. Laugh, yes just that. Laugh at least once a day. It's good for you and those around you.


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