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  "Love" Or "Fleeting passion"

You are dating this guy for about 3 months now and every time you two meet it leads to explosive fireworks. You are absolutely charmed by his behaviour, style, smile, intelligence and physique. You think of him every moment of the day. You want to spend very moment of the day with him. At the beginning of a "serious" relationship it's not uncommon to neglect everybody-even your closest friends and family-in favour of devoting all your time to your new love. In those rare moments when you're not together, you're talking to each other on the phone.

But as time passes by and your relationship becomes more complex, you realize that you have to give in your best shot and every relationship has its own set of duties, responsibilities and commitments. Though you are willing to give in your best but within a few months you see that there are a few things about your partner which drives you absolutely crazy. You probably noticed them all along, but at first everything about your love made you smile; you just brushed aside the small faults by telling yourself that love would get you through anything. As time passes, however, you notice that these small faults become bigger and bigger. And the problem is your partner is not willing to change.

As the romance in your relationship starts to fade away, you start to wonder whether or not the fires of love are burning hot enough to keep your relationship going. You wonder whether your relationship is based on "love" or was it merely "fleeting passion". Here are a few facts that might help you decide.

  • Passion is the first thing that will fade away and true love will prevail. Passion is temporary in a relationship which lasts only for a few years but its love that will last forever. Love is a feeling that encompasses tenderness, compassion, caring and devotion. But that also doesn't mean that there will be no passion in your relationship. If you love your partner there has to be passion and excitement in your relationship.
  • Love is based on three important things; sexual attraction between the partners, respect for each other and common dreams. When you are in love you are physically and sexually attracted to your mate and respect plays a major role to keep the relationship going strong. Also two people who love each other share the same dreams and goals.
  • Difficult times truly test your love and it is during these times that you get a chance to come closer to your partner. These difficult periods are healthy and useful when they allow each partner to assert his or her expectations and needs regarding the relationship. These difficult moments therefore give the two lovers the chance to better know each other and better let themselves be known. If you pass in this test then your relationship will never suffer
Thus relationships suffer when after the initial stages of passionate love couples start to pull out of it because of certain differences between them. When there is lack of understanding, patience and commitments in a relationship it is bound to suffer the fate of break-up and heart breaks. If relationships don't lasts just because one partner is not ready to compromise then such a relationship had a very weak foundation. Love is compromising, caring for your partner and commitment. If these qualities are missing then its just fleeting passion and is bound to be over within a few months once the hunger for lust and desire is fulfilled. After all hunger believes in variety and can never stick to one flavour.


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