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If u love a boy set him free
if he comes back
he is yours
if he doesnt
he was never yours.

I look at a rose
I think of you
because a rose is
sweet delicate and
beautiful like you.

I Belong to you.
And With Faith in God,
and in Yourself Too.
No Hill is too high,
No Mountain is too tall.
For, with faith in the Lord,
You can conquer them all.
And all that you wish for,
that is honest & True,
The Lord will certainly,
Give it to you.
Not Always the way,
You most desire,
But Always he Gives,
What you most Require.

Someday you laugh at heart ache,
Someday you laugh at the pain,
Somehow you'll get through the heartache,
Somehow you'll get through the pain,
When love puts you to the fire,
When love puts you to the test,
Nothing heals a broken heart like
Time love and tenderness,
You think your world is over
Baby ! Just remember this
Nothing heals a broken heart like
Time love and tenderness.

The night has thousand eyes,
and the day but one,
yet the light of the whole world dies,
with the dying sun.
the mind has thousand eyes,
and the Heart but one,
yet the light of the whole world dies,
when the love is done.

Like a raindrop
You touch my face
You run down my cheek
like a tear
And drop upon the ground
like a timeless pearl.



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