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It is normally seen that love vanishes after marriage and the romance that was there during courtship ends abruptly with wedlock. Are you also experiencing such a situation where the things that used to be 'sooooo cute' have now started becoming 'urkk!! How disgusting'? Is your love life getting a little stale? Are you taking each other for granted?

Well if that's the case then you need to find out the reasons and try to analyse what is going wrong. You have to take time out for love. Our list of ways to put the romance back in your love life will have your mate wondering and falling for you all over again.

Follow our instructions very carefully if you want to bring the romance back into your life:

  • Tell your partner how much you love him/her. Though you think its not necessary coz you are married and are living together that will naturally imply that you love one another. But believe me its not enough. It's often taken for granted but its nice to hear those magical words 'I Love You' once in a while.

  • Show genuine interest in your loved one. Don't take things for granted. Don't think that if things appear to be ok, they are ok. Show that you care and reveal to your love that he/she is important to you. Ask how his/her day was and if there is anything you can do to help.

  • There may be many negative points in your partner and you might hate them but that's no solution. Concentrate on the positive. Make a list of what you love about each other. Love can make all the negative qualities vanish.

  • Make time to be alone together. Togetherness is very important in a relationship and even if you are very busy you ought to spend some quiet time with your love. What I mean by quiet time is: No television, no kids, and no distractions. Go out on a romantic date at least twice in a month. This is very essential for maintaining a healthy relationship.

  • Go out on a vacation once in three months. That way you can forget all the tensions and just freak out with your love.

  • Get intimate. Give your mate a long kiss. I mean a passionate kiss like the ones when you were dating. Get cosy with him. Be in his/her arms and enjoy each other's company without worrying about work, kids, deadlines etc.

  • Extend a helpful hand and do the household chores and do it together. This way you will ensure that it's the family of the two of you and you have to be responsible towards everything.

  • Learn to laugh together. Laughter is the cure of many ailments and it will make you feel good too. Laughter can reduce your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure also.

  • Make every day count. Your being together is a special thing in itself so make it special in every way. For a week do something special for the other person. Whether it is a phone call, special dinner or time alone, doing something out of the ordinary is a sure fire way to show your love how much you care.

  • Surprise your loved one. Cook his/her favourite meal, go to some movie and pick her/him up from his/her office, give him/her a surprise gift, plan a date and make it special.

  • Make a tape of your favourite songs. Music is universal and can bring back loving memories with the first played notes. Remember the music you used to love and how you felt.

  • Say it with flowers. Send flowers to him/her in his/her office. Say that you love him/her with flowers and it will surely bring all the love that had faded back into your life.


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