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MAKE LOVE WITHOUT DOING IT                            
Tell the other person you love them Trust one another
Give them a hug Give or receive a promise ring
Make the other person feel important and respected Meet each other's family
Kiss Avoid being in isolated places with your partner
Have fun together Make sacrifices for each other
Tell the other person that you care Send chocolates
Hold hands Respect each other
Go for a long bike ride Go for a moonlight walk
Give a special gift Hide a note where the other will find it
Be there when a friend is needed Give each other sexy looks
Spend time together Write a poem
Go to a nice romantic hindi movie Send flowers
Walk arm in arm in the woods Eat dinner by candlelight
Make a special tape of love songs Watch a classic romantic Meg Ryan movie
Talk openly about your feelings Watch the sunrise together
Share dreams with each other Take a drive together
Snuggle up together Give each other pet names
Sit together in the park Go sightseeing
Take a walk together Rent a video
Go out to eat Do things for each other without being asked
Have a picnic Propose marriage
Play a game of cards Whisper something nice into the other's ear
Give compliments Be best friends
Just be close to each other without saying anything Take a carriage ride through the park
Go swimming Go out dancing
Just be close Play music together
Go grocery shopping Flirt with each other
Cook a meal together Laugh at something funny together
Touch each other Be faithful
Discuss how much you love each other Impress each other
Plan and go on a road trip together Make a list of things you like about each other
Throw a party together Read a book and discuss it
Bake cakes Meet each other's friends
Go to the library Go horseback riding
Browse in a museum Cook each other's favorite food
Just be there Find out what makes the other happy
Find out what's special for the other person, and do it Make each other gifts
Exercise together Be caring
Gaze at each other Watch the sunset
Wash each other's cars Give diamonds
Go fishing Dedicate a song on the radio
Talk to each other Send a funny card
Listen to hurts Share lifetime goals with each other
Choose a special, favorite song Share private jokes
Listen to joys Think about each other
Hold one another close Find out what makes the other sad
Use eye contact to share a private thought Do a work project together
Write each other letters Talk on the phone
Share an ice cream cone
    Have your picture taken together


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