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  Meet The Parents

It is terrifying when you meet his parents for the first time and it scares the hell out of every girl no matter how confident and smart you are. You are tense and anticipate the worst things. Questions like what if they don't like me and what if my first impression is bad haunt you. Well here are a few tips to get rid of those meet-the-parents-jitters and with a little bit of elementary homework and your partner's help you will come out with flying colours. Read on for an introduction in making a great first impression.

Be yourself
Nisha, a housewife recollects the first time when she had gone to meet her in-laws. She had not told them that she was a vegetarian and so did her husband. So when she was offered non-vegetarian food she could not find the courage to refuse for she thought that she might offend them. So she had a little bit and just hid the rest under the rice and hardly ate anything. Her in-laws were offended and thought that she was not polite and just wasted food. Her evening was a disaster. Although it's natural to want to avoid offending your beau's parents by accepting their offerings, don't go against your beliefs or inclinations just to please them. Go ahead and be yourself, letting them get to know the real you. Be strong to tell them what you like and dislike and they will love you for that.

Take your boyfriend's help
In order to make a good impression you will have to take your boyfriends help. Try to learn as much as you can about his parents and other family members. Try to know what they like and dislike. For example if they hate the extra earrings or the tattoo that you had just got done on your arm then try to keep it hidden so as to avoid having you in their bad books. Try as much as possible to steer clear of any controversial topic or any topic, which is very sensitive to them. Listen more to them and their views instead of being insistent on exposing your own. Thus all this will need your beau's help and so express to your guy what you want to gain from this experience and embrace the chance to get to know him better.

Be calm and poised
Remember one thing and that is not only you but your beau's parents who are anxious too. After all you are the one who stole their little boy's heart, isn't it? So be calm and don't be nervous. While it's normal to want to be accepted and loved by potential in-laws, but don't expect to hit off immediately and be open to the fact that you may not "click". Instead try to help them be at comfortable in your company, opening the door for a warm encounter the next time you get together.

Quick Tips for Combating the Jitters

  • Based on what your beau has told you about his parents, their interests and hobbies, think of some questions you might ask them. Talk about current events and target their interests or careers. This will help you get to know them better.
  • Don't get nervous and stop talking. This will make everyone uncomfortable. Tell them about your work, your hobbies and family. Remember they too want to know what type of a person you are.
  • If you are too nervous then just excuse yourself and go to the toilet and put yourself together.
  • Before going to meet his parents just give yourself a treat. Have a nice hot bath or go for a swim or to the gym and you will feel more confident to face them.


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