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Relationship guidelines What is jealousy?

In any relationship what is important is understanding and trust. It is important to build and maintain a FRIENDSHIP in your relationship and that you give your partner the benefit of the doubt when times are tough... namely TRUST! Learn to understand each other, know each other and know what makes your partner happy.

What Men Need to Know: The Woman's Point of View

1. The most important thing is being sensitive and romantic in your words and action. Please don't fake your emotions and say things you don't mean.

2. Please listen to what she is saying. Most of the men never try to know what a woman wants because they never listen attentively. Don't take your girl for granted.

3. DO build her trust by being faithful and truthful, and always "being there."

4. Spend time together, cuddling, kissing and learn to enjoy foreplay and learn about her body and erogenous zones instead of jumping to the real thing.

5. Never expect or demand sex.

What Women Need to know: The Man's Point of View

1. Do take the initiative instead of expecting him to be the one to initiative first always.

2. Try to accept him without judgment.

3. If you are still dating don't expect him to profess his love for you so soon.

4. DON'T push him into a commitment or an exclusive relationship.

5. Don't take everything personally.

6. Don't always expect him to apologies to you.

7. DO let him withdraw once in awhile; understand his need to be alone, to take things slowly, or to have a night out with the guys.

It is quite normal to have up's and down's in a relationship but how you argue when in a relationship can determine if you have a relationship that falls apart or lasts.

Things to avoid when arguing or fighting with your relationship partner:

1. Criticism,
2. Contempt,
3. Defensiveness and stonewalling (withdrawing from talking)

Good things to use in an argument:

1. Using humor to break tension in an argument.
2. Expressions of affection for your partner.
3. Acknowledge your partners point of view.


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