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Though this question sounds simple but it is very difficult to answer. Try it and see if you can say what romance is. Is it something to do with love? Is it togetherness and spending time with your lover? Well no it is much much more. Romance is the very essence of life. Without romance your love life will not exist. Romance is the true identity of your love. It brings out your true self and helps you be a better lover, husband and partner. Romance is a celebration of the life you live as part of a couple. It springs naturally and originates from within your heart. It makes you do things that you possibly couldn't have imagined to do otherwise. It shows you who you are and reminds you of the role you play in a relationship. Romance is not responsibility but it is caring about your responsibilities towards your lover and partner. Romance is the appreciation of two people who are celebrating the lucky coincidence that they found each other.

However often in the daily rush and work load people tend to forget about romance and so we have brought for you a list of things that you can do to keep the flame of romance burning in your heart forever.

Romance Checklist

Daily Romantic Checklist
1. Always compliment your lover.
2. Tell your lover how much you love him.
3. Say 'I love u' atleast seven times daily.
4. Spend atleast an hour together daily.
5. Give surprises or do some unexpected gesture.
6. Always call in to find out how things are with your partner.
7. Hug your partner first thing when you get up in the morning.

Weekly Romantic Checklist
1. Make it a point to spend a whole day together.
2. Do something which both of you enjoy doing together.
3. Cook her a meal.
4. Give your partner a surprise gift.
5. Give one another a good body massage followed with u-know-what.
6. Go out for a movie together.
7. Plan something special for the upcoming weekend.

Monthly Romantic Checklist
1. Plan to go out for a short trip during the weekend.
2. Go out for dinner atleast twice every month.
3. Make love more often.
4. Watch atleast two romantic movies.
5. Take your lover out for shopping and give her/him a beautiful gift.

Yearly Romantic Checklist

1. Think of an unusual way to celebrate your partner's birthday.
2. Make a new years resolution to be more creatively romantic.
3. Make Plans for your next anniversary.
4. Create a special 'Romance' category in your household budget.
5. Go out for a long vacation once in a year.
6. Plan out your next vacation.


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