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Independence Day (Costa Rica)

The Independence Day of Costa Rica is celebrated on 15th September.It is the birthday of Costa Rica. Juan Mora Fernández was the first Chief of State of free Costa Rica.In his time various roads and schools were built.He promoted industry and commerce.It was recognized as an independent state by Spain in 1950.Increaseing coffee export turned Costa Rica from struggling country into a successful and wellknown one.
Official Name(s): The Republic of Costa Rica Capital: San Jose Location: It is a small country in Central America. It share border with Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.In the north it is bounded by the Republic of Nicaragua and in the south by the Republic of Panama. Government: The government is based on the Constitution.The president is the head of government and head of state. Languages: Spanish Religion: Almost ninety per cent of Costa Rica people are Catholic. Communication: Transportation facility is very good here.Rented car, Airport Shuttles, Public and Private Buses, Boats, Domestic and International Flights are available here. Climate: The climate is no doubt stable here and there are two distinct seasons, the dry and rainy seasons.


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