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Hugs and Kisses

The love of my life dumped me last november right before our official one year anniversary. We'd been together for almost two years though dating on and off. Anyways, i still really want to be with him even though he's really deeply hurt me emotionally. There is no one i'd rather be with.

I really would still like the spend the rest of my life with him. Ok, well tonight while he is at work i am going to his house and decorating his room with candles and balloons and i bought a teddy bear with a cute little hat and am putting that on his bed, it's cute because i always used to call my boyfriend my teddy bear, so he'll love it, but he says he still loves me and wants me, but i don't feel as if that is true. But i want him to know tonight that i still love him with all of my heart. I also bought him a cd he really wants.

I am picking him up from work tonight and we're suppost to go out for coffee, but i am gonna tell him that his mother called me and needs some medicine cause she is feeling ill, so we'll go get some and drop it off and then we'll go to his house and i'll suprise him with what's in his room.

I think he'll love it. The point is to cheer up his night to make him smile, and to make him feel loved. I hope he realizes that i love him even on his bad days. And he stil brigthens up my life with sunshine:) Hopefully all will go well. Email me and tell me if you have any suggestions:) I'll write back later tonight when i return and tell all what happened.


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