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Part-time Sexatary

I've been forced to find temporay jobs over a period of the last six months until recently. Being an Administratvie Assistant isn't my forte, but it paid well last month!

Accepting a part-time postion in a small legal practice as the CEO's assistant went on maternity leave "Jan" wasn't thrilling too much. I needed a fulltime job. But, after meeting my temporary boss, I was thrilled! All 6'2" of this tight metropolis was fascinating! I thought I was dreaming when he walked in and introduced himself! "Jack", oh my I was wet in seconds! His long legs were tight and lean, his arms hard and well chisled, his chest, granite and marble waiting to cool me off! I wanted this man, I didn't care if it was for 15 minutes, I wanted him!

After two weeks of being the "professional" I am, "Jack" asked me in his office. He mentioned a client "Mr. Daniels" was comging in and he would be preoccupied with him for at least 2 hours. He asked me not to interuppt, take messages and if he needed me he would "buzz" me. OMG, he was ozzing sex that day, I could smell it on him! He was hot for someone, was it me? Mr. Daniels showed up promptly at his scheduled time, as I escorted him in to see "Jack: I noticed him scanning me head to toe, he was hungry as well, but I felt no attraction and simply blew him off.

After 30 minutes Jack buzzed me. As I drew closer to the door of his office, I could hear soft jazz coming from the other side of it. Hmm, odd I thought, I didn't recall having heard music coming from his office before. I slowly opened the door...I froze.

There in front of me was "Mr. Daniels - giving "Jack" head! Jack's dick was huge, wet and slamming down "Mr. Daniels" throat like it was about to explode any minute! I wanted to be the one with his dick in my mouth! Suddenly Jack became aware I was in the room, I had closed the door behind me unware I had done it. Jack caught "Mr. Daniles" head with his hands. Not sure he looked at me and could see how aroused I'd become, he turned around and realized his ass was on the buzzer. He slowly smiled and motioned me to join. I didn't hesitate. As I walked toward the two men, my eyes sweptover thier exquiste bodies, I wanted to fuck both of them! At the same time! They knew it! Slowly I was undressed, tongues over every inch of my body, I thought I would faint! My nipples formed peaks I couldn't help touching! My body was a hot inferno! I looked down to see "Mr. Danliels tongue dive deep into my pussy, it was soo wet! Jack was licking my ass, fingers were in every orafice I had. I couldn't help touching myself, by tits never felt so good to me! Jack turned me and kissed my mouth, I could taste myself. He continued to stroke my pussy as "Mr.Daniels" continued his tongue penetration up my ass, along with his fingers making room fro what was coming. I couldn't wait! I moaned and begged for them to fuck me! All I could say was "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard!" Soon Jack sat on a chair as I straddled him "Mr. Daniels" reached for some lube and massaged my ass and his dick. I sat on Jack and felt his huge cock slide into me, I was so wet, slowly he guided me up and down his shaft. My head falling back as tiny shivers spread up and down my entire body. Soon "Mr. Daniels" followed, his dick slowly slid up my ass and in ryhtym the three of us fucked and fucked until we exploded in unison! I couldn't wait to get Jacks dick in my mouth afterwards. His smile invited me to please myself. It was still hard to my amazement, I had cum dripping from me from all three of us the scent was intoxicating! I slipped Jacks dick in my mouch slowly. I savored every inch of his thick cock! I licked, sucked, tickled and did everything thing I could remember what was taught to me from previous lovers. Jack was shaking and I knew any minute he would explode and I wanted to make sure I caught every drop of his cum. He came and I swallowed every drop of him while at the same time "Mr.Daniels" too in his favorate postion - up my ass with his dick pounding me and his fingers up my pussy and massaging my clit! These men were great! Our moans and groans still echo in my memory.

We met once a week afterwards until "Jan" returned. Although, Jack and Mr. Danliels were extremly good fucks, I was looking for my next adventure.

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