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Rendezvous in the bus

I was just settling down in my seat when i saw her coming. I was on the aisle and the window seat next to me was vacant. I was hoping against hope that this good looking woman who looked older than me would be the one occupying the vacant seat.

She was dusky and had lovely assets, rounded breasts and wide hips and as she came close to my seat, smiled and excused to be let to her window seat. I barely could hold my excitement back as she sat next to me.

As the bus started, we just exchanged greetings and she was busy reading a book. Since it was a long distance journey( about 10 hrs), I knew i had to bide my time. After about 2 hrs, when it was about 9 pm, the bus stopped for dinner break.

I asked her if she would like something, she thanked but politely refused. As i finished my dinner and the bus started and the lights went off, we were chatting in the cold night relaxing in our seats. She was a married woman in her 40s , may be about 5 years older than me.

As the night grew darker and colder, we had slowly dozed off and i was awakened by her head on my shoulder. I could feel that she was feeling very cold and she was trying to be cosy on my shoulder and chest. though i didnt mind, i was getting aroused slowly. Her luscious lips were touching my chest and i slowly put my hand around her shoulders. She didnt seem to mind, rather she came more close to my chest and i felt her arm hugging me.

As the bus moved in darkness, i felt her beautiful breast pressing agaisnt the side of my tummy. I could feel her nipple grow as time passed. i let my hand drop to her waist and i slowly caressed her there all the way up to her right breast. Suddenly i felt her hand pull my hand on to her breast. i unbuttoned her slowly and my hands were now cupping her breasts and my fingers playing with her nipples.

She was breathing hard and she wanted more as she spread her legs apart. I unzipped her and my hand slipped inside her satin panty and felt her wet pussy. I rubbed my fingers along her pussy lips and played with her clit. Her pussy was dripping and i sucked my fingers to taste her cum.

Ohh God, I said as my dick grew harder. I felt her fingers unzip me and let my big fella out. She was stroking me and wanted to suck mine. The evry thought of doing it in the bus excited me more as she bent down and took my dick in her mouth.

Ohh God, She was good, She was making me ecstatic. After a while, I went between her legs as licked her all the way from her tiny cute asshole to her wet wild pussy all the way to her clit. I had made her cum twice already and I licked every drop of her cum.

She was moaning softly and wanted more. I made her sit on me and her beautiful boobs hitting my face while she hit my cock with her pussy. It was heaven in the bus as we moved in unison and as i was about to cum (she had already cum 4 times), she sat betwen my legs and took all of my cum in her mouth and cleaned my dick with her lovely tongue. We slept peacefully in each others arms as the bus moved to its destination. It was truly a pleasure trip.

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