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Should You Live Together Before Marriage?

Maybe you are thinking "why buy a book when you can join a library?". Should you move in with your guy before he has slipped that diamond ring on your finger? Will this mean he will never pop the question? According to the latest research this is not the case.

Moving in with your long term boyfriend is a major turning point and a huge step in your relationship. If you were morally opposed to this, or if it went against your religious beliefs, then obviously you would not be contemplating this issue. Most career men are of the opinion that if you are not living together, then a relationship will only progress so far.

Moving in with a girl is a gigantic step for a career guy. He is contemplating getting engaged. If living with you goes as well as he hopes, he has already decided to purchase an engagement ring. Moving in with a girl is a big deal for a guy. He is throwing away his little black book, changing his routine, sacrificing any opportunities to date other women, and giving up a lot of his independence. Professional men see this as moving their relationship to another level and will only do this if they see the girl as being special enough. Drastic lifestyle changes will only be undertaken for a woman perceived to be marriage material.

Living together before marriage gives you the opportunity to experience the other's faults, habits and funny little quirks. That endearing little quirk that you thought was so cute on an infrequent basis may drive you to distraction when faced with it daily. There are many things you will only learn about someone by living under the same roof. No one gives out lessons on how to do this successfully, so you will just have to play it by ear. Use this as an opportunity to iron out all the wrinkles in the relationship before you make the ultimate commitment. As a couple, you will be able to see how well you can make compromises in the all important issues of domestic finances and duties.

Your guy will become quite anxious for a little while once you have moved in together. He will be looking for any major conflicts. He is feeling that his independence is under threat. He no longer has the freedom that he had before, and for a lot of men this is a terrifying concept. You should allow him to have some time out to himself. The less threatened he feels, the closer he will become to you. A man has to be able to feel that he can be left alone when he wants to be. Giving a man space when he needs it, is perceived as being a terribly important trait for a wife.


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