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The Tables Turned.

Every time I had a long day at work, my husband would always do something special for me. About a year ago my husband decided that he wanted to go back to college to get his Masters degree.

Anyway, when he started school it was really stressful and exhausting for him to work and go to school. He attended late afternoon and night classes. We never got to have a nice dinner together, or even see each other. So, I decided to do something special for him.

I acted like I was going to work one day where I really spent a few hours in the store getting supplies for a bath, and a massage. When I got home my husband wasn't there, so I spent the whole day cleaning up our bedroom and the bathroom. Right before my husband was supposed to come home.

I drew a nice, hot, bath, and dotted the bath water with rose pedals. I switched the comforter sheets to silky sheets. I put on some soft music. When my husband came home, (My poor baby had exams all week, and was up most nights studying, he looked exhausted). I took his hand, and led him upstairs. Where everything was waiting for him.

I gently took off his clothes, and told him I wanted him to just relax. When he was in the bath I washed his shoulder's, and back. Than as he was relaxing, I slipped out of the bathroom, and changed into some lingerie he picked out for me one time, Man you should of seen the look in his eyes when I walked in strutting that lingerie.

After his bath, I instructed him to lie down on his stomach. After I gave him a nice massage. The tension in his muscles was released. That led to something more, lets just say I did the work while he lied back and relaxed.:D

The next morning I made him a nice breakfast in bed. My husband was so grateful that I did this for him, now that he has his Masters, were glad he got a better job, and we can spend more time together.

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