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Four Tips on Dating Older Women

Age does not matter. In this day and age when young people date old people and with the Demi Moores of the world having boyfriends like Ashton Kutcher, it just gives you something to think about. Any kind of relationship works regardless of age, gender and social status. Everything depends on the persons involved, their compatibility and their willingness to reach compromise.

Dating older women may seem easy enough. After all, you are the young one and thus have a upper hand when it comes to the relationship. But that is where you are wrong. Men who are dating older women constantly need to look at themselves and their worth. With their egos, most will not want to appear like some boy toy unless of course that is your intention. But if you are someone who genuinely wants the relationship to work, adjusting can be really hard.

Below you'll find some useful tips when you are dating older women.

#1 Check the Ego

Being the younger man and therefore the less successful can be a huge blow to the ego. There are a lot of relationships that break up because the man just cannot take the success of the woman. And these are couples that are closer in age. If you are someone who wants to be the man in the relationship, it will be hard to take in the fact that you are earning less and the one paying for dinner is the woman. Discuss this with your partner and try to reach a compromise. She will understand. After all this is a scenario that is already expected when there is a role reversal in the relationship.

#2 Have your own Thing

When you are dating an older woman, she will naturally have a routine already fixed in her life. She has her career, her friends and her social life. Although you may want to be together all the time, constantly joined in the hip is not a good way to strengthen the relationship in the long run as it can be really suffocating. While she does her own thing, you should also develop your own activities. Work your butt off and build your career. She will admire you for it and will definitely miss your absence.

#3 Understand her Jealousy

Older women who have partners that are much younger than them are naturally insecure of their age. This means that they will be insanely jealous of the young women that you talk with even if there is really nothing going on. Understand where they are coming from and try to reassure them. It is not a question of trust but insecurity.

#4 Take Care of her

Because they are already much older than you, they will have more life experiences that have taught them lessons. Women like these are more mature and understanding. This does not mean though that you should be a spoiled brat who always throws tantrums when you don't get your way.

They can certainly take care of you but remember that these are also women who need to be taken cared of. It should go both ways. Try to also be nurturing towards them. Serve them sometimes. Be the stronger person when they need something. Remember when you dating older women they might be older women but they are women just the same.


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