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What is Love?

What is love that I wonder, so much.
Is it something that appear out of no where?
Or is it given in through our luck,
Or is it around the corner or just over there?

How is it given when you need so?
Do you need dark-spell to be cursed?
Does it balanced in an angle or bend high and low?
Maybe you have to be chosen first?

Why is it there to complete our life?
Is it something that remind us?
Do we need it to help us survive?
Is love needed, it must?

Where is love when i need to find it?
Is it in our minds or in our hearts?
Or located in small bits?
Or it's just somewhere and link in parts?

When did we need it in what time?
Does it just come automatically?
Does it matter in what great kind?
Or starts when desired by someone, so passionately?

Who is our love how could it be true?
Does it just starts in a blink of stare?
Does it comes in part of clues?
But I'll know it end without any despair..

Submitted By - Lilevilguy


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