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Was that my mistake?

y do i ve to breathe wen i do nt wnt to
y do i hve to live wen i do nt wnt to
y mi hrt beats wen i wnt it to stp
y itz me n only me who has to say srry over n agn
y i hve to spnd mi day with trbls worries n endlss pain
y i hve to shed mi tears each n evry tym
y aftr dse 5 mnths also i cnt say dat yes shez ol m9

lovng her dat deeply vz dat mi mstke
or dedicatng mi lyf to her vz dat mi mstke
cllng her mi love mi hrtbeat my passion vz mi mstke
or smply bieng mislf vz dat mi mstke????

each tym i bowed mi head vz dat mi mstke
or evry scnd missin hr lyk hell vz dat mi mstke
cllng her mi soul mi prayer was dat mi mstke
or jus i trd to do evrythng 4 her vz dat mi mstke????

expctng crtn thngs 4rm her vz dat mi mstke
or smply askng her to b m9 vz dat mi mstke
evry sec shwng her dat hw mch i lv her vz dat mi mstke
or smply doing slflss n true lv vz dat mi mstke????

i drmt bout u each nyt vz dat mi mstke
or i wshd to hug u n hld u tyt wz dat mi mstke
i wntd to spnd mi lyf wid u waz dat mi mstke
or smply i exprssd mi flngs vz dat mi mstke?????

i c u wen i clse mi eyz is dat mi mstke
or i m pssesve 4 u n i cry 4 u is dat mi mstke
i pray to god 4 ur hppnss is dat mi mstke
or smply being mad in ur lv n nt being prctcl is dat mi mstke?????

each tym nglctn ur mstkes waz dat mi mstke
or each tym bng dre 4 u was dat mi mstke
gvng u more imp den evry1 n cnsdrng mi evrythng was dat mi mstke
or bng so sincere wid u n dis rltnshp was dat mi mstke????

trustng uuuuuu was mi mstke
or cryng 4 each tym u crd was mi mstke
bng upst wen eva u wre in pain was mi mstke
or smply bng urz was mi mstke????

bng nt able to pctre u wid ne1 elz was mi mstke
or dng evrythn u wntd me to do was mi mstke
cnsdrng u mi lyf partner mi soul mate was dat mi mstke
or smply bng over senstve n over possessve in ur case was dat mi mstke????

please prncss tel me mi mstke
4 wich u ve stll nt accptd dis rltnshp
4 wich u r stll nt m999
plz undrstnd me prncss 4 u it myt b smple bt mi lyf is at stke

da dayz widt u r soo long
long as a yr,these dayz widt ur col ur kiss n ur smyl
n i dun evn knw wt ve i done wrng
plz undrstnd me itz wid whm i wnt to wlk mi lyfz evry sngle myl

nw thnk bout hw all dis hppnd n hw mch i crd
plz dun spk nethn 2day rememba dat i never lied
evryday i miss u more n more
i'd lyk to go bak to times v had b4

Submitted By - sanchit


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