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Are you just a dream

We've just met in a room filled with knowledge
You just an ordinary person to me
Your sweetness have made me think
of what kind of a lover are you

I denied so many times that I don't like you
simply because your to young for me
I have doubts to know you very well
For I am afraid that in love I will get hurt.

Moments had passed and it seems that a friendship has
grew more and more, it takes a minute to say I dont
think of you.

I really missed you more than any creed could possibly
say... the moment you out of my sight, I said to myself
" I missed you"

When my friends made their jokes on me,
I don't deny but I don't agree
because my heart can't say how my love
for you made me weak inside.

When our schooling has ended, and you said
something to me...I can't described myself
I was blank for a moment...
but it strikes me more than anything else

when you said, you loved me...
It seems I am in a dream fulled of wonderful angels
that sung a glorious song ...
I know ..I m in love

People who have mentioned to me
that your love is untrue
your just a kid and a kid has no
permanent rules

But nobody can't say it's untrue
nobody can prove...
I only believes to what you say my dear

Your sweetness never shall I think is untrue
for your love and my love is something made by Heaven.

Submitted By - Lovely


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