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My Mistake

Dear Rachael,

I know I have made a ton of mistakes but I would like to put those behind us, if at all possible, so we can move on with the rest of our lives, live on with the good and leave the bad behind us. I know that will be hard, especially after all that I have done, but if we could start all over again fresh from the beginning, I will never hurt you again because I know how much it hurts you now that I have made the mistake which I regret to the fullest. I just want to be happy and I want you to be happy and feel safe that I'm never going to do that again.

I know that it could take forever but I will stake that, especially because of how much I love you and how much this means to me. Rachael, if you could please forgive me, that would be awesome. You have put too much into the relationship for me to go and screw it up. I just want to make it all right and for you and I to be back together no matter what that takes. I have made it a "shame on him" and I will not make it a "shame on you."

I love you. I will never leave you; I want you, I need you. You are the greatest! I love you, my sweet, so please can you forgive me?

Love always,



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