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The Pain In My Heart

Dear Channa,

Seven days have passed as my life has changed. I can't see tomorrow knowing that today, it's all gone. I had it all with you and the kids, something called a family, now it's all memory with nothing ahead. My life has fallen; I only have faith in God to do his magic. I look forward to the end of my pain and yet I've felt the deepest pain a man can ever feel in his heart. A cut so deep that medicine can't ever heal, but the pain of being alone is there.

Tears are the memory we have of each other and yet I lose them every time I cry thinking of you. They say time heals broken hearts but what do they know, they're not in my shoes. We take life for granted and never think of tomorrow, just enjoying today. Life is too short to be alone. All I can say is that I have faith in God ... that he will let me see tomorrow.

I've written this with tears and blood that drips from my heart. I know there will be a tomorrow as long as I have you today. Give my love to the kids and tell them I'm not there in flesh but my soul looks over them.

Love always,



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