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It sounds like you aren't ready for a serious relationship

Dear Cautious In Love,

Well this is a new one! Usually I get letters from teens who complain because their parents won't let them see the girl/guy they love. But you're telling me that your mother is "pushing" you to go out with a guy you don't want to see!

It sounds like you aren't ready for a serious relationship and/or you don't like this guy in that way. That's why you are making up excuses not to see him. He's also probably too old for you. But whatever is causing you to not want to be with him, you need to honor that and trust it. There's nothing "weird" at all about your feelings. In fact, I'd say you know yourself very well (better than anyone else) and you're very smart to listen to your Inner Voice which is saying loud and clear "I'm not comfortable being alone with this guy!"

I have no idea why your mum is pushing you to be with him, but you ought to tell her to back off. This isn't her choice, it's yours.

You say you "love" this boy. I have no clue what that means to you, but clearly you and he don't feel the same way about each other. My strong suggestion is that you end this relationship and return the necklace. Keeping it is making you feel pressured to feel things you aren't feeling and to do things that you don't want to do. It's also creating an expectation in the boy's mind that this relationship is more than it really is. There is no "contract" for you to stay with him. You are free to end this whenever you want. Tell him the truth about your feelings and give back the necklace. Don't let him or your parents talk you out of it. This is your life and you need to honor what you know is right for you.

In friendship,



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