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Losing You My Love

Dear Nanette,

Hello, my love. I wrote you this letter so that you know how deeply you have touched my heart. In the few short months of this last year, you have come to know me as well, or better than some of my lifelong friends. You have taken the time to want to know me, inside and out, honestly and truly. You made it easy for me to open myself up again, and that allowed me to meet the most honest, loving, beautiful woman in the world.

You have been able to bring out the best in me. You stir up my most passionate, loving emotions. You opened my eyes so that I could see true love, and all that the perfect relationship should embody, all that the perfect woman should embody. Nanette, you are my perfect woman.

Sometimes I lie in bed at night, sleepless, restless, and alone with my thoughts of life without you. I think about how you will be leaving me, but for a better place, a place where nothing can harm you, a place where you will know nothing but peace and happiness. I take comfort in that.

So, my love, pick the whitest, fluffiest cloud to pass your days on and pick the brightest star to spend your nights. When I look to the sky I will know that you are there looking back down upon me. Whenever the wind whispers softly it will remind me of you, I will rub my penny and smile. I will remember you always, and in my heart you will always remain.

As I sit here writing you this letter with tears in my eyes, I smile when I think about having such a smartass as my angel!

Nett, you will forever be loved and never forgotten. You will always have my heart no matter how far from me you are. I know in my soul, we will never be apart, because our souls are bonded by a love that knows no end.

I love you now, I love you always,



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