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I still love him

last year during the september holidays i went to this annual camp i go to every year held in brisbane. i was 14 at the time (almost 15 - october 2) anyways its like a teen sort of camp where teens from the age of 13 - 16 go for a week and do a wide range of activities together. there was about 300 of us all up.

during the week i became good friends with a group of guys and as the week progressed i started to get feelings for one of them. he was 15 too, but i didnt know if it was wise because i lived 8 hours away from him.

well we remainded good friends then on November 17th..about a month after the camp there was a reunion. we had kept in touch through out the month via the internet and phone. we had a great time catching up with each other and we could both see we had feelings for each other.

the day after he asked me out and i said yes. i didnt know what i was getting myself into because we lived 8 hours apart. he came up for a week to visit me. i went to him for a weekend, and we took turns in visiting each other..the visits were usually a month or two apart but we kept seeing each other.

by this stage we had our first kiss, it was the most amazing feeling i have ever felt, we get on so well but slowly the distance was getting to us both. we were about 7 and a half months into the relationship wen he broke up with me..i kinda knew it was for the best..but i felt so hurt.

we stopped talking for ages but now we are talking again and all i can think about is how perfect we are for each other and how much i miss him. he was the first guy i ever kissed and he will always have a special place in my heart. we both agree that if it wasn't for the distance we would still be together. so im hoping one day our relationship can be renewed even though its been almost a year.

we are good friends and im very happy about this, but it does make me want him more.

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