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It was pure romance

It was pure romance...until the day it turned into pure bitterness. I met Alfred a while ago, and we were in great love. We dated for 3 years. One summer day in June, our 4th year of dating, Alfred asked me how i felt about becoming a real woman, getting married and all that.

I told him that I wasn't sure how i felt. I need more time, wasn't ready for marriage. Then he told me what he was waiting for. He wanted a child. A child of ours. I told him we should wait until we're married.

So he proposed to me. I was disappointed, very disappointed that he proposed to me that way like that. I didn't accept. Then he left. I loved him so much. I didn't want him to leave me, so i agreed.

Late that night, lit by candles him and i sat on the bed. He told me how much he loved me, and how much he wanted this baby.
He started saying all this sweet talk to me and started touching me. I felt a bit uncomfertable but pretending not to mind.

He started hugging and kissing me and unbuttoning me clothes. I told him to stop, maybe some other time. He wouldn't. He took off his shirt and pants. Then pulled my shirt off. He started making love to me. We fell on the bed. The next morning i woke up alone. I hurried to dress.

I couldn't find him. Then just as i went out, i saw him leave with another girl. I followed them all day and they went to her place. He and her made love that night.

I felt so embarrassed! He cheated on me! Now i was pregnent with his baby but he would'nt be a good daddy. He was a player.
I was really upset. Until i gave birth. I was happy but sad. My mom helped me raised the child. Then i met another man and go married.

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