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You Will Be The Last Man Of My Life

I could remember that first day, the day I heard from my mother that I had to go to one camp. And that place, I met the one I loved. First, I didn't want to, but my parents forced me to go. So, I went there. But do you know what I got from their?

At the first day in that camp, I found lots of friends, boys and girls. But I didn't notice him at first. I didn't even see him when he came or speak. I just had fun with my new friends.

Then one day, my friend and went out to draw a picture. The man I loved at last went with us too. For me, I would interest in any guy who was better drawing than me. And I had never met one since I was in junior high school. Then I found him. And then the day passed by I watched him all the time I could. I always looked for him as I would like to know what he was doing. I didn't want him to be out of my eyes. So he always found that I was around him.

But the problem began. I knew that this camp took only 4 weeks or a month. What could I do without him? Wouldn't I die when I went back home? I was so sad even there were 2 weeks left. And another big problem was that I couldn't tell him I loved him!!!

I knew he had hurt from his last love. He once had girlfriend. They were together for about 5 years!!! 5 Years!!!! But then that girl left him and went with another guy. Oh! I couldn't believe that! 5 years!!!! And I was too shy to do. So the last party on the last day was my saddest day in my life. I left there without telling him that I loved him.

And today I thought about it. I thought that I wasn't shy. But I was so afraid to say that. I was afraid that our relationship between us as a friends would be over. So I didn't tell him. And even now, I could tell him as I thought it was too late to say so. But I want to tell everybody that I love him forever and ever.

And for every girl, who couldn't tell him you love him. Please say that. Then you won't be sad like me. Now I want to tell him, I LOVE YOU AND YOU'LL BE THE LAST MAN OF MY LIFE.

Submitted By - Anonymous


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