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Sneak out at age 14

Me and Anthony met January 12, 2011 (we were both 11). I saw him and had a pretty good feeling that he'd be special. The thing was I wasn't expecting that I'd fall in love with him. He's tall, but not to tall, has perfect hair, and is just perfect to me.

We became best friends in about middle of 2012. I knew alot about him and he knew alot about me. I'd tell him about most of my problems and he'd do the same. I didn't see him as anything more though.

By 2013, Anthony already asked me out 3 times but I said no because I didn't want anything to be awkward. But at the beginning of summer while we were talking, like we do everyday, he said, "we'd be a good couple." We talked for awhile and I said yes, but we agreed to keep it a secret and not tell anyone. We dated practically the whole summer. I'd go to his house (across the street) and we hangout upstairs in his room. We'd hold hands and play video games together.

We decided that we wanted to take it a step further and try to kiss and stuff. We planned to sneak out July 23,2013. We went behind his house and sat in the grass. We watched Duck Dynasty on my kindle, he wrapped his arm around me and I layed my head on his shoulder. By about 12:30 he asked if we were going to kiss. I said sure and it happened. It was both of ours first kiss. It was just lips touching lips though and it was very awkward. After that we broke up cause he wasn't comfortable with it.

About a year later (March 8, 2014) my grandmother pasted and Anthony comforted me and helped me through it. We were talking like normal again. I told him is till liked him after all that time. He said he did too. During a game of manhunt (me and him were teams) went to an abandoned house and kissed 3 times. They were way better then the first. It felt like is was in a movie.

On March 20 me and him had a track meet. We decided we'd sneak out the night before to see each. Except this time I climbed up his fence and into Anthony's window. We watched tv, then kissed, then kissed again. After that we moved to the back of his bed. He wrapped his arm around me and I layed my head on his shoulder. He said my name and we started kissing again. It lasted near 20 minutes. The whole time we rolled me to my back and layed rested on me. He'd roll to his back and I'd lay on top of him. He'd rub my lower back, upper back, and my shoulders, sometimes putting his hands on my butt. I'd hold onto his shirt or rub his neck and hair. We were laying on our sides, while still kissing, and kinda hug. It was funny cause he'd roll me to my back, stop kissing me, and lift me to move me away from the edge of the bed and we'd laugh at each other. After we finished kissing, we layed down on his bed and looked on instagram a bit. Then I left and went home.

We kinda stopped talking but our parents found our messages. They accused us both of having sex and we got grounded. I'm in love with him and he doesn't even know it...

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