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A wild thought this evening, to share our afternoon delight with you

We put up our macrame hammock, that's been sitting in the box in the cellar for over a year. "Why- I asked over time have we not used this"? "Time was just not right, you said" so in the box it stayed till today. When you went into the house to get your strat. Guitar to play later with some cool drinks, I tried to lug it out of the cellar and put it up for our relaxation. We set it up together between the trees nice and tight, as not to ever fall. You pulled out your Strat. Guitar and played for hours to the sweet tune of Stormy Monday and slow ballads on this cool breezy day, what pretty tunes you shared in ears distance to anyone around. I laid back for awhile and enjoyed the attention at that moment. Sipping on my tall cold glass of ice-tea filled with many ice cubes. I kept circling the ice with my tongue, while you played for me. The excitement started building up between my groin, the more I saw your expressions turn coyly in my direction. Remember- how I sat up and reached over to touch your arm and started circling your ear with the tip of my finger, You had a hard time concentrating. You were so sweet trying to follow your own rhythm while I followed my own. I parted my legs apart and flicked my sandals off nonchalantly, you smiled and kept on playing.

I thought to myself "how long will he put up with my teasing" and I found out, (Boy did I find out). I slid my foot up your pant leg and up your leg to your crotch, you wrestled somewhat under the touch to part and get comfortable. I whispered that you don't sit down and you didn't. As I parted my legs further apart, your mouth gaped wide open for you saw my moist gem glistening, with the thought of you and your attempts later.

The way you played so fast and furious and flicked on those strings, took my breath away and I felt myself shudder with total astonishment within. My heart palpitated and I quivered inside knowing I almost had you. Took alittle longer than I wanted but, you were worth the wait as usual. That slow build your so accustomed to; you had to put on me again didn't you, it was just mind blowing.

When you slid your guitar down by the tree, I knew I had you in my grasp. I took the ice from my glass and brought it to our mouths you shocked me, when I felt it fall into my blouse. As you reached in so tenderly and grabbed my breast, I felt the ice melt gingerly down to my belly.

I was so hot for you and you knew and you held me back, I was feeling crazy love at that moment. You unbuttoned my white blouse and let it drop to the ground. I looked around hoping no one was watching then thinking, what the hell as you laid me down. We are in one of those moments, I'm not holding back; Is all I could think of at that moment. You started planting tiny kisses around my ears and down my neck, I felt the earth move. As we kissed and played tongue hockey in ruthless ecstasy. I felt transported in another time and place, within my mind. You brought me to fits of rapture beyond my belief. I wanted you so badly, remember how you put your finger to my lips and kissed my forehead so sweetly. Telling me to relax and enjoy the feelings you wanted to capture, I felt bewitched by your charm. Your chest leaning in on mine and you used you legs to spread mine further, I tenderly unzipped you and let your manhood breathe.

When we heard that noise of clanging bells, do you remember what you said, you said "I love you Babe, but I hear kids on bikes, and it sounds like the clanging is drifting away aimlessly I think". I looked to the left and saw nothing and we kissed again passionatly and frantically, you started protruding once again, up against me as you started grinning.

I'll let you wonder if the bikes made any difference or if we ever heard them again.... I'll tell you, it was another day I won't forget as Summer noises approaches with all her glory.

Submitted By - Sheila Grenon


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