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A Kiss Between Friends

The plates are picked clean, and the candles have all burned low. Beth and Stuart dance to the sounds of a sultry saxophone. They both know they are taunting disaster. "How are things with Michael? And be candid," Stuart finally ventures.

Beth pulls him tighter and runs her hands over his muscled back. "Washing machines make better lovers," she answers. "Never underestimate a good rinse cycle."

Stuart gives her a quizzical look. "Washing machine?"

Beth giggles as she bumps her mons against Stuart's knee a few times. "The clitoris is a girl's best friend," she smiles. "Sadly Michael still refers to it as - my genitalia."

They move to the tempo of the music. The candles flicker as they move around the table. Beth suddenly stops.

"Would you like to see mine?", she asks with abandon. "See what?," Stuart asks. He's not sure he wants to know the answer.

"My clitoris. Would you like to see it?" With that, Beth leans back against the table and fans her legs. Sweat beads on Stuart's forehead. "Beth. You and I are ..."

She doesn't let him finish. "... Really good friends!"

Her eyes grow heavy and her lips swell with anticipation. Beth unsnaps her pants. "Going once," she teases.

Stuart hesitates and scratches his chin.

"Going twice," as Beth pulls her zipper down. "Twice and a half," as she opens the front of her jeans.

Stuart's breath quickens. "And Michael?"

"What about him?," as Beth shimmies the jeans past her hips.

"This complicates things," Stuart says, as his eyes drink in the exposed white lace and forbidden skin.

"Going twice and three quarters," as Beth pushes her jeans to mid-thigh. Stuart surrenders and kneels in front of her.

"She's behind the white door," Beth says, her voice now as raspy as the saxophone.

"I know where she is," Stuart replies. "Why are we doing this?"

"Because you're curious," Beth offers with confidence. "You can kiss me if you like."

A short silence, and Stuart leans forward to kiss Beth's exposed thighs. Beth stifles a whimper as her skin jumps at the attention.

Stuart then kisses Beth's panties, and drags his lips across her mons. Beth's body jerks. It's too late to turn back now.

Stuart inhales Beth's scent. "My god," is all he can muster as he peels the panties down to expose a manicured Mons d' Venus. He blows a little gust of air across the silky hairs, and then again inhales her.

Beth reaches down and pulls her vulva forward, then with one polished finger, pulls back her hood and exposes her clitoris in all its pink and engorged glory. Stuart is drunk with the exquisite feminine offering.

Their eyes lock. Beth nods and smiles, and Stuart leans forward to kiss the pink pearl once, twice, thrice.

Beth pulls her panties and jeans up. Stuart stands.

"See?! No harm done," Beth says as she snaps the jeans closed.

They resume their dance.

Submitted By - Alex Whitmer


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