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Longing desire

In our bedroom, I watch your eyes, your lips, as you speak to me. I can't hear a word over my heartbeat. I lean in, and kiss you, softly. You smile, that beautiful sparkle in your eyes, and wrap your strong arms around me as our lips meet again, harder this time, with longing. My tongue snakes in to meet yours, and you hold me tighter in your embrace, our bodies pressed together, my heart pounds.

You break our kiss and sweep me up in your arms, carry me to the bed. We don't say a word, but our eyes sparkle at one another and I'm already yearning to kiss you again.

As soon as you lay me down my arms are around your neck, pulling you closer and kissing you hungrily. Eagerly we break away, and hastily peel off our clothes. My eyes devour your beautiful body as you slide out of your jeans. My own are pulled off, and our eyes drift over one anothers naked bodies. I smile as our eyes meet, and spread my legs to either side of your hips. As you lean in to kiss my neck and breasts, your beautiful strong shoulders and arms either side, enveloping and protecting me, my heart pounds and I breath into your ear "I want you". I am thinking of nothing but you, your eyes, your scent, your skin, your absolute beauty. Your lips roam over my chest, and I softly moan, instinctively moving my hips closer to yours, longing for you, needing you.

You whisper back to me "I want you so much" and straightening your arms, you're right above me. Our eyes meet and our gaze is fixed as you gently push into me. Fireworks explode within me, and gasping, I pull you closer. I waited so long for you. You are more perfect than I ever thought you could be.

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