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My Love Would Come Back To Me

It was October 7th. The day that would soon change my life forever. I started a relationship with a guy named Julian. He was perfect to me in everyway. Just the way he kissed me made my trimble.

It was November 4th. The day my life ended. He called me and said "lets just be friends". I hung up the phone as my heart sank. I thought he loved me?

It was December 15th. He called and wanted me back! I hesitated and thought of all the pain he put me through but I loved him with all I had so I took him back. Things went great for a while.

It was January 5th. The day I would make the biggest decision of my life. I gave myself to him. Everything I had. I knew he loved me so much and this was something I could give him that he would never forget. I was his first, he was mine!

It was February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. I felt like I lost feelings for him so I called and said "cant we just be friends". He agreed saying that he felt the same way but as I hung up the phone that night, It hit me! What had I done! I just let go of everything! I begged and pleaded for him to take me back but he pushed away. I tryed and tryed but I soon gave up and moved on.

It was March 16th. I was now with another guy, Philip. I loved him but I still thought of Julian and I still loved and missed him.

It was May 5th. The day my life took a turn. I had to choose. I loved them both but I knew that my love for Julian was much stronger. I chose him. I knew he loved me and I love him too. He is my heart, my soul, my everything. We are still not together to this day and I knew he wouldnt forget me. I knew that one day my love would come back to me.

Submitted By - Loren


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