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Dedicated to My Loving Husband

I am writing this letter to express my love to you, my husband. We have been through so much together and have defied all odds. The trials that we have endured have not dissolved our love; rather, have made us stronger, more understanding partners.

It seems like yesterday that you and I were "telephone dating." I can remember the fear in your voice when you told me about your disabilities. You were so afraid that I could not accept someone with such a complicated medical history. However, the strength you showed by revealing your weaknesses made you more beautiful in my eyes. It made me want to share my life with you.

Although we got married very young, we had a stronger bond than most couples. We were poor and had so much reality to face; so much "growing up" to do. I want you to know that, even though we never could afford a honeymoon, I cherished our wedding more than anything. Many thought we were destined to fail; that our marriage would never last a year. We had disapproving family members who, try as they did, could not dissolve our marriage.

I am astounded by how much we have been able to survive (moving to California, having our money taken, and barely making it back home). We had to face the hard reality of being broke and unemployed. Yet, we were able to pick up the pieces and carry on. I am so grateful that you worked to support the family so I could go to college. Our love has survived family tragedy, separation, poverty, and living with my parents! My dear, the survival of our marriage has been nothing short of a miracle.

Speaking of miracles, let us not forget our beautiful son. We were told that we could not have children, but God had different plans. We survived a difficult pregnancy with many complications. You were there through the most terrifying hours of my life; when our son had to be taken through emergency caesarian. When they told me that his heart rate had dropped, I was devastated. You stayed calm, even though you were scared, and never left my side. I always knew you were amazing, but in those precious hours, you surprised even me. You are a wonderful father and I melt every time I watch you play with, kiss or hold our son.

I am writing this letter to hopefully give you the most romantic and exciting gift. I would love for us to share the honeymoon we never had. When I look at pictures of Hawaii, I envision a beautiful escape from a harsh reality. I picture us strolling along the serene, peaceful beaches. A vacation to Hawaii would be a miracle for both of us and I pray that we will, someday, be able to share that experience together. It would be a way of saying thank you. Thank you for being my husband, my friend, and my gift from God.


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