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To The Man I Love

It all started on myspace believe it or not. I found in through a search for people in my area. I check out his page to see if we had anything in common and I saw a youtube video. Well once I watched it I just knew I had to get to know him. He was musically inspirational and amazingly gifted. I sent him an add request, hoping he'd accept. Finally he did and we started corresponding through myspace messages. I think the more we talked the longer the messages got. We actually had a contest of who could write the longest message, I won of course but still.

The only problem was I had a boyfriend and well. I'm extremely loyal. No flirting really took place but a bond was formed all the same. Not too long after that I saw his myspace had been changed and it said he was engaged. Awestruck by this new-found knowledge I decided to give him the best of wishes. I became single again, and off and on would send him random IM's. I never got a response. so I quit sending them.

About 4 months after my breakup I see his screename come online. So I thought what the hell I'll try one more time. Thankfully there was a response this time. As we continued to talk I realized he was never really engaged and he realized that I was available. Sometime later that evening we exchanged phone numbers.

I still remember the first night we talked like it was yesterday. I was more giddy then a teenager with her first crush. I was incredibly nervous, my hands were a little shaky as well as my voice. I literally giggled at everything. I have know idea why he put up with it, much less how he found it to be attractive.

One night, that's all it took for me. I was intrigued, interested, and probably in love with a complete stranger. It was as if I woke up a couple days later and BAM I realized it. I'm in love with him. I never saw it coming.

Last but certainly not least. About 2 months into our relationship we realized that not only did we have a bond that went far beyond anything either of us had ever known, but we found out that as children; we used to play together at one of his relatives houses. I couldn't get over it. It's like fate had just literally stepped in and made the connection form. It's hard to account all that up to circumstance. I just know that I don't know where I'd be without him, and I never plan on finding out.

I love you Brandon, and every day with you is one more day that I feel alive. Thank you for breathing me into life. I couldn't ask for more from anyone. I wouldn't have ever hoped for so much in one man, but thank you for giving it to me.

Submitted By - Kelly


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