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Our second time around has been both Wonderful and Lovlier

We had just taken a June Alaskan cruise in celebration of our 23 years of marrige, three children (& a dog), when it all started to fall apart. Like the story of Humpty-Dumpty, it seemed the pieces that were our broken marriage could not be put back together again. After the divorce and four years apart, I was still lost and alone until "That Day" when my "Ex" Kathy called to say those words I longed for, but couldn't hope to hear... "Do you want to get back together, because I've been doing a lot of thinking and want to give it another try." Well, we talked alot about the mistakes of the past, the need for mutual forgiveness, our enduring love for each other and a few months later we were Re-wed.

To visit and vacation in Hawaii had always been a goal of ours. Well, we've been to Hawaii twice during our "honeymoon phase," which has lasted over two years now. We've been so happy to have experienced the scenic beauty and spirit of Aloha in our visits to the Big Island, Oahu, and Kauai. You've got to know that Maui is on our wish list for future visits. We love to return to the pleasant people, music, food, and Hawaii's tropical island lifestyle as often as we can.

Our second time around has been both Wonderful and Lovlier, as the song says... AND HAWAII HAS BEEN AS WELL!


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