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You are My Everything

Brandon and Ashlee loved eachother. But then something split them apart. Ashlee had to move to chicago. Brandon told her not to leave but she had no choice. "You are my everything" he said to her. She told him she loved him. What could they do? Nothing. After the day Ashlee moved Brandon felt lonely by day. Until one day They both couldnt take it anymore! They both suicide.

Here let me explain this more clearly ashle had to move because she was forced to by her mom because her parents got divorce. Brandon had always loved her and he felt bad that he lost her. Ashlee felt so lonely that she cried each day. She couldnt tell her mother that she loved him because her mother would kill her. And she thought that if she killed herself then brandon would get over her.

Brandon thought that if he suicide he wouldn't feel so bad. Either way these two people loved eachother and their last words before they died were "You are My Everything" if you love someone dont feel afraid to show them that you love them dont let others interfere with your love life if you dont tell the person you love how you really feel and you dont fight for your love you will lose it and you just might end up like these two.

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