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Love At First Sight

"OMG!! He is soooo hot." I said to my friends at lunch in the cafateria. One of my friends sitting with me rode the bus with him. So she started explaining him to me. She said he was a player, and really perverted. And then they dared me to go out with him. I mean, I didn't even know this kid. And my friends are daring me to go out with him. But of course I said yes I'll go out with him. But they said it had to be at least for 1 week.

By now 1 week had past and I was really getting to know him. We would talk on the phone alot and we would go places together. Only knowing eachother for 1 week. We were even starting to make out!!:)

After 1 week had past, my friends were like, "Ok it's been 1 week, you can dump him now." But I was starting to like him. I mean, he had already gotten me a beautiful bracelet. And he was nice and funny. He wasn't even a player like my friend said he was. So that I was really proud of. And now we have been dating for 1 1/2 years. So if you don't belive in love at first site....then your DUMB!!


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