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A Computer Proposal... Award Your Sweetie...Email... CD... Cheer Up

"Virtual" Love
Once my boyfriend told me that he is planning to buy a new PC. So, I thought this is my chance of telling him how much I loved him. This idea is particularly good if you know programming. So what I did was I went to a computer shop and bought a 20GB hard disk and then formatted it myself. Before that I've created a simple program that once installed will pop up each time the computer is booted and each time it pops up, it'll display a love message, it includes something like, why I love him, what makes him so special, etc. I presented the disk to him without telling what I have installed inside! When he finally bought the computer and booted it, he was so surprised! He loved it so much as it is quite creative, he said! -submitted by Leena

A C.D. of Him
My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship! It's very hard, but we are both working very hard to keep it this amazing! I once called him, in tears, to say I couldn't stand it anymore not being with him, not being able to hear his voice. We talked and talked, and the next day as I looked in my email box, I saw he had sent me a voicemail. He just simply said, "I love you!" And the day after I got another mail with a soundtrack of him! He had written me a song! I just started crying! The song was so completely from the heart! So now, I’ve made myself a C.D. of him, with songs he sang as well as his voice saying "I love you", and every time I feel down, or miss him, I just listen to the C.D.! It really helps! -submitted by Eefje

A Computer Proposal
My fiancé and I met online over the Internet. After dating for a couple of months, he proposed to me. One morning, he sent me an instant message, asking me how I slept, etc. He then told me to click on his profile. There in great big letters under Latest News was: "AIDY, WILL YOU MARRY ME!" It was unconventional, but adorable considering how we initially met. We are now living together and planning a Christmas wedding. -submitted by Aidy

A Page of Love
Build your lover a web page telling them why you love them so much. Mention special moments and add some cool links. Surf the web with them one day and "find" it :) They will be very grateful!! -submitted by Jennifer

A Site For The Two Of Us
My loving boyfriend Ben got sent to New Brunswick this summer to train until the year 2000 Olympics. I live in Ontario and the distance sometimes get to be realllllly depressing. I was having this little problem getting my email without anyone reading it first, so I made Ben and I a little site of our own.... only him and I know the address and we use it all the time to send each other little love letters and all the awesome relationship stuff! Try it.. you'll see what I mean! -submitted by Anonymous

Award Your Sweetie!
At my work I sit at a desk most of the time. If anything ever needs to be done on the computer I take care of it. One day I was brainstorming about something little and out of the blue I could do for the greatest guy. We had been dating for about 4 months and he meant everything to me. I decided to make a "Best Boyfriend Ever Award". First you need to have a hard piece of printing paper. Then just let your imagination make an award. It is cheap and easy to make. It took about 5 minutes tops to make! I framed it and presented it to him that night. He loved it and the award sits in his room to this day. I love him! -submitted by Jessie

Bag Of E-mail
Everyone likes to get email, but the problem is that there's never enough of it that isn't spam. I've done this twice, and it helps if you save it for an occasion, after a good discussion, etc. While your target is asleep, send a bunch of emails - I feel that 10 is an appropriate number, enough to cover the first screen of the mailbox. In numbered sequence, put a little thought down. They should increase in their specialness... One of mine went like this
1 - you have nice feet
2 - (explaining how she actually HAD achieved her high score at bowling by herself)
3 - It's nice to have someone around as into food as I am
4 - I assure you, you in a two-piece looks better than me in anything
5 - You look good with or without the glasses
6 - I like dumb love songs too
7 - You're not as fat as you feel you are
8 - You've got (friend) beaten on any sexiness scale
9 - You're helping make my summer better
10 - It's not a chore being into you
As long as it's read in the right order, the overall effect is more intense than any of them is individually. -submitted by Jordan

Birthday Webpage
My boyfriend is back home, and I live away at college. His birthday was coming up, and I didn't have enough money to buy him a nice gift. So, I made a special web page for him. The first page, had his name and the date he was born and all that. It had stuff about him (with pictures), like his zodiac sign, his birthstone, etc. On the second page, I put poetry and love quotes and things like that, along with nice graphics of course. On a third page I put photos of us and I put our song on it along with the appropriate background that went with the song. On the 4th a page I wrote that he had another surprise waiting when I saw him. I sent him a birthday card and included the web page address on it. And then, on his birthday, I gave him his 3rd gift. This would be a good idea not only for birthdays but for any occasion. -submitted by Diane

When my boyfriend came to visit me from England, he brought me a website that he made for me, and put it CD-Rom. He put poems, pictures of the both of us, and my favorite music. I love to just pop it in and listen to the music. It's something I will never forget! -submitted by Anonymous

Cheer Up
I was talking to this guy before I moved and we weren't “official”, so sometimes it's hard to do "sweet nothings" in pre-dating stages when you are 600 miles away from each other. I was very sick one day and I sent my guy an email complaining about how terrible I felt. A few hours later I received an email that said: "I'm sorry that you feel bad, wish I could make you feel better. I hope these pictures cheer you up!” As I scrolled down, I saw tons of pictures that reminded me of times that we had spent together, from stores we had gone to, to movies we had seen together, the kind of car he had and the last picture was a personalized license plate that said "MISS YA." This brightened up my night. It was something so simple and sweet that made me realize even more what a great guy he is. -submitted by Sarah


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