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A Kissable Surprise... A Flower for Him/Her

12 Isn't Enough
An idea I have but haven't had a woman to use on yet, is to show up surprisingly at her bedroom window when you KNOW she's in there and tape a single short stem rose to her window. Knock softly, and run away somewhere you can see her open her curtains, but she can't see you. Then if she closes them, go back and knock again and stay there to greet her with a smile when she opens her curtain. Present her with 13 long stem roses at the door or window or whatever, and tell her how 12 just isn't enough for a woman so beautiful or somethin' like that.
-submitted by Rudy

122% In Love
For our 1-year anniversary, I was away at a tournament. When I got back home 3 days later, I entered my room to find my boyfriend had hung hearts of different sizes from my ceiling from different lengths. He had cut out 21 hearts- 20 each said "5%" on one side and on the other, reasons why he loved me such as "your smile." The biggest heart hanging at the entrance to my room said "22%" (my favorite number) and "I love you for being you." It added up to 122%. It was by far the best gift ever! -submitted by Nicole Angelo

A "Kissable" Surprise
I was in a "romantic idea" mood and decided that I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with something while he was at work. I get done an hour earlier than he does, so I drove over to his work and put Hershey kisses all over his car! I left before he came out so I couldn't see the reaction on his face, but said it was absolutely the sweetest thing any body has ever done for him! -submitted by Anonymous

A C.D. of Him
My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship! It's very hard, but we are both working very hard to keep it this amazing! I once called him, in tears, to say I couldn't stand it anymore not being with him, not being able to hear his voice. We talked and talked, and the next day as I looked in my email box, I saw he had sent me a voicemail. He just simply said, "I love you!" And the day after I got another mail with a soundtrack of him! He had written me a song! I just started crying! The song was so completely from the heart! So now, I’ve made myself a C.D. of him, with songs he sang as well as his voice saying "I love you", and every time I feel down, or miss him, I just listen to the C.D.! It really helps! -submitted by Eefje

A Day Of Sweet Surprises
This can work for any dating high school couple, for anniversary occasions or Valentine’s Day. You have to know their class schedule and where they sit. For each period of each class, have something sweet waiting for them. This is what I did: 1st period - Reese’s' buttercup with a note saying, "Wake up buttercup! Get ready for a day full of surprises,” and add one reason why you love him or her. 2nd period - Hershey hugs with a note saying,"If a hug represented how much I loved you, I would hold you in my arms forever," and add another reason why you love them. 3rd period - Hershey kisses with a note saying, "Never thought that love could feel like this; you’ve changed my world with just one kiss... here’s more kisses for you," and another love reason. My boyfriend also did this for me in my classes and left me gifts like balloons, a dozen roses, teddy bear... and it just got better and better every period - it was the sweetest thing! We’re still together after 3 1/2 years. -submitted by M. Andrea

A Dozen Surprises
For our first anniversary, my guy totally fooled me into believing that he didn’t do anything. But when I came home from our date, he had decorated my entire bedroom with streamers and balloons earlier in the day while I was away. He had taken Hershey's Hugs and scattered them around the room. He even wrote “I LOVE YOU” out of them on my dresser. Then to top it off, he hid 12 roses around my room which were attatched with cut-out hearts. Each of the hearts had a journal for one month of our relationship and what it meant to him! So guys if you want to really make your girl happy (so much she'll cry) then give this idea a try! -submitted by Courtney

A Flower for Him
My fiancé is a pianist. One day he forgot his piano keyboard in my car and he asked me to deliver the keyboard to him. I bought a big pink sunflower, wrapped it nicely, put it in the pocket of the keyboard cover and put all in my car case. When I met him, I asked him to open the car case and take the keyboard, when he opened it ... he stood stunned for a minute and then laughed out loud. -submitted by Maro

A Keepsake of Our Song
My husband and I weren't planning on doing anything for Valentine’s Day. We had decided to just get each other gifts and be done with it. I have always had a hard time surprising him so I was hoping to by getting him something he had wanted for a long time. Unfortunately, he had found it hidden in the living room couch - which no one sits on! As Valentine’s Day got closer I still wanted to surprise him so I got six balloons and placed a note in each one. Each note told him where to go to pop the next balloon. By the time he got to the bedroom I was standing there with the song that we danced to at our wedding playing, and a bottle in my hand. In the bottle were the lyrics to our song printed on old-looking paper. He loved it! -submitted by Michele

A Kidnapping Surprise
I have been having trouble being able to spend one whole night alone with my Italian (Neapolitan) girlfriend because of her family. So, I came up with the idea of reserving a room in a 4-star hotel and made reservations for 2 days after her birthday. Her birthday is March 27th on which her family planned a dinner out for her. I presented her with a small gift and told her she still had a surprise coming. When the 29th came, we went out to dinner on a double date with her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s guy. After dinner, as her friends were leaving, I blindfolded her and guided her to my car. Once we arrived at the hotel, I kept the blindfold on her and guided her to the lobby. There, I made hand signals to the receptionist for the room number, got the key and we went to our room. Finally, once inside the room, I removed the blindfold. She was so surprised and hugged me like she had never done before! -submitted by Lucas

A Little Surprise
My boyfriend just turned eighteen and has three cats that he loves. The problem is that they are getting very old and weak and we think they don’t have much time left. So, for a surprise on his birthday, I handed him a box and inside was a litter box, litter, kitten food, bowls, etc. While he was opening it I went back to his room and let a little kitten out of his cage and it ran right up to him. He was so surprised he looked like he was about to cry. It was great; he even named her Amanda after me. -submitted by Amanda


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